Sunday, March 20, 2011

Presenter Nat Needle

Nat Needle has lived in Worcester, MA since 2000, and co-owns SAORI Worcester Freestyle Weaving Studio with his wife Mihoko Wakabayashi. They home-educate their two sons, Asa, 15, and Noriyoshi, 11, not only within the bosom of their bi-lingual, bi-cultural family, but also by sending them out into the world as much as possible. Nat has worked with other people's children of all ages for decades, both in and out of school settings. His work at SAORI Worcester often involves making connections between the ancient art of weaving and academic disciplines including language arts, math, science, geography and history. He holds a doctorate in Education from UMass/Amherst, and is also a professional pianist, vocalist, and entertainer.

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