Thursday, March 10, 2011

Presenter Jonathan Hansen

Publik Edyookayshun by Jonathan Hansen

Jonathan has been a teacher of the visual arts for 7 years in the Mendon-Upton School District.  For his first four years he taught grades 9 through 12 at Nipmuc Regional High School, preparing students for college while introducing engaging lessons while teaching heterogeneous classes made up of students taking Art 1 and 2 and Elective classes.  He has been the Art teacher at Miscoe Hill Middle School for the past three years, teaching 5th and 6th Grade after his position was eliminated due to budget cuts in 2008.  This school year, he has been reduced to part-time and has begun to learn the art of tattooing under Ben Mack and the guys at Dark World Gallery & Tattoo, where he also curates monthly art shows.  Jonathan is a graduate of The Art Institute of Boston (1999) with a BFA in Fine Art and Salem State University (2008) with a Masters of Education Degree.

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