Monday, October 5, 2009

Al Dancy on Pecha Kucha Worcester

{Al Dancy working it at the front table}

By way of Twitter today, I discovered Al Dancy's blog Al Dancy Speaks, I am reposting his reaction to our last event because, in his words about PKN, "it rocks"...

from his blog, in his words:
Peka-Chu’s, Chupacabra’s and Pecha Kucha Night Worcester
October 5, 2009 — aldancyspeaks

The question may be rolling around your head with that title, “Has Al finally lost whatever was left of his mind?” And my reply is “YES!” But it shouldn’t be the title that gave that away.
Sunday night, September 14th I attended and volunteered at
Pecha Kucha Worcester Night 2. First of all Michelle, Cindy and Scott did another amazing job. Their hard work certainly showed!
“Pecha Ku-Waaa??”

I know it’s a strange looking, and even stranger sounding name, but trust me it is all too cool!
It’s pronounced Peh Chah Kuh Chah, or at least that’s what I heard people calling it. Whatever you call it,
Pecha Kucha Night has become something my wife and I are amped about. We are so excited to see how this event impacts our community. We attended the Pecha Kucha Worcetser 1st night and we were so pumped by what we saw, heard and experienced that we were determinined that we would be at the next one and the one after that, and…Well, you get the idea. Basically, it rocks!

Pecha Kucha is the community driven offspring of
Astrid Klein and Mark Dytham. It started in 2003 and created “as a place for young designers to meet, network, and show their work in public.” Check link for a descriptionand history of Pecha Kucha.

Last night’s showing was amazing. There were photographers, painters, and
type setters (I had no idea what that was until last night).The highlight of the night to me was the Stu “Dr. Gonzo” Etsy’s presentation on community. It was perfectly fitting for that night. I had a blast, I laughed, I was challenged, and walked away thinking about some things. I have been asking myself since, “how am I investing, impacting, and changing my community for better?”

Make sure you get off your duff and get down to the next Pecha Kucha night, January 24, 2010.
Livin’ Out Loud,

Back to my words:
{Thank you Al and everyone attending for your continued support, and creative spirit. Now get out there and fire other people up about Pecha Kucha #3, January 24th at a top secret, undisclosed location near you.}

Friday, October 2, 2009

Pecha Kucha Worcester #2

{entrance of 55 Pearl}

{Dr. Gonzo, Stu Esty talking about community}

{Jeffu Warmouth chatting about Food as Art and other hilarious things}

{the crowd engaged in images by Trisha Barry}
next one
january 24th!

chit chat

{chit chat by sean clarke, a typographical book exploring the art of conversation}