Friday, September 24, 2010

Presenter Profile: Joanna Duncan

We are excited to announce that Joanna Duncan has joined the line up for Sunday nights event! Presenting on: "Innovation"- brainstorming high end performance genres into Movement as Metaphor

Several students from the North Grafton dance studio "Dance It Up" are performing with the Hybrid Movement Company in the Dec 4th production of "Clara's Dream" at the Hanover Theatre. Join us on Sept 26th to learn what goes on behind the scenes of this new aerial dance art form.

Joanna Duncan A.R.A.D. Solo Seal
Director Dance Artist Management
Royal Academy of Dance Teacher
Artistic Director Dance It Up!

"Art changes people......
people change the world"

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Presenter Profile: Tom Grady

Presenter Tom Grady:
Over the summer Tom curated the "Drawn to Life" exhibit at ARTSWorcester about which he wrote:
"The common thread among all the work is an affirmation of existence, a new humanism, which includes both the beautiful and the ugly.  Visible and invisible reality holds equal importance and the artist is free to make work that speaks to both."

The idea of humanism is also reflected in Tom's personal body of work. Learn more about this and his other influences at PechaKucha Night Vol 6 at The Hanover Theatre.

Tom's Bio:

Tom studied at The Rhode Island School of Design (BFA, Illustration) and the Art Institute of Boston at Lesley University (MFA, Visual Art).  He is currently visiting assistant professor of studio art at Assumption College in Worcester Massachusetts teaching drawing and painting.  He also teaches youth and adult classes at the Worcester Art Museum.

Tom’s oil paintings focus on the revisioning of the figure through a quiet restrained contemplation, which collides with a sensuous painterly approach.  The tension between the mundane and the provocative the unconscious and the conscious is the setting for the psychological narrative confronting the viewer. His work will be featured in a solo exhibition at the Copley Society of Art in Boston starting October 14 through November 12.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Presenter Profile: Don Hartmann

photo © Louie Despres

Don Hartmann's work is known as edgy and contemporary which lead him to being named a 2010 Worcester Arts Counsel Fellow. The works resulting from that fellowship are on exhibit through ARTSWorcester at the Aurora Gallery. This exhibit entitled "Love Hope Sex Dreams" was reviewed by J Fatima Martins of Worcester Magazine:

"His portraits are beautifully ugly emotive works that exemplify the German neo-expressionism mode—raw and salacious, influenced in concept and form by artists such as Anselm Kiefer and Eric Fischl...

The compositions are fabricated arrangements informed by a variety of pop-culture sources, avant-garde art movements and everyday situations. It’s a process Hartmann jokingly refers to as “dumpster diving.” The themes are communicated through ridiculously smart, sometimes creepy narratives that blend parody, metaphor, fantasy and reality into autobiographical stories that convey the artist’s intimate perspectives." J Fatima Martins

Hear him speak at PKN Sept 26th and see his work at ARTSWorcester where it is available for purchase through Sept 24th, 2010.

video by Stephen DiRado.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Presenter Profile: Thomas Caywood

PechaKucha Topic:
"Investigative Journalism: How to make powerful enemies and get lots of hate mail"


Thomas Caywood is a newspaper reporter. He cringes when people call him “The Media.” The Media get paid way more than him, wear suits, read from Teleprompters and often berate other members of The Media on cable television. As an investigative reporter for the Telegram and Gazette, Caywood has taken on projects ranging from exposing local impostors and conmen to probing troubling ties between mobsters and the region’s wealthiest man to penetrating the Byzantine tangle of mortgage-backed securities obscuring who is responsible for foreclosed properties blighting the city.

His story about how a prisoner with ties to a wealthy bank president, who in turn has ties to the county sheriff, got seemingly special treatment in jail won first place in the 2010 New England Associated Press awards in the investigative reporting category. Caywood also won first place in the “Right to Know” category this year for his work prying loose police internal affairs files on an officer accused of numerous cases of brutality and other misconduct.

An avid fan of Worcester music and arts, Caywood has been a journalist for 14 years and previously worked as a general assignment reporter for the Boston Herald and MetroWest Daily News of Framingham as well as other newspapers in Massachusetts and Louisiana. He grew up in the Washington, D.C., and San Diego areas and is a veteran of the U.S. Army. He served in the 1991 Gulf War with the 197th Infantry Brigade of Fort Benning, Ga. A graduate of Auburn University, Caywood now lives in downtown Worcester, where he stubbornly refuses to give up on becoming a decent guitar player.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Presenter Profile: Jeremy Bell

"How Absinthe made the art grow stronger"
Rudolphe Salis is the proprietor of the Black Cat CafĂ© 'Chat Noir' in Paris.  He comes to us from the 1880's to explain how Absinthe changed the art world forever! 

The Knight of Toasting
"Toastmaster International and Scottish comedian Sir Jeremy Bell has toasted the likes of Clint Eastwood, Rudi Giuliani and Regis Philbin; has given seminars for Wolfgang Puck and Emeril Lagasse; interviewed for the Food Channel and Good Morning America; and bagpiped for Susan Sarandon and Julia Roberts!"

Join us at PechaKucha Vol 6 has he raises his glass to the wonder and the art of absinthe. RSVP today for this FREE event.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Presenter Profile: Marc Morin

Presenter Marc Morin will be exhibiting his works at the Hanover. ARTSWorcester will host an artist reception which is immediately preceeding Pecha Kucha Night. So stop by the opening and then head into PK!
Artist’s Reception: Sunday, September 26, 2010 from 5:30 – 7:00 pm at the Franklin Square Society Salon Gallery.

Marc Morin, 25, graduated from the Art Institute of Boston (AIB) with the honor of Best Show in Fine Arts in 2007. Since then he as shown in Boston, Springfield and Central Massachusetts in both group and solo shows. In 2006, while a student at AIB, Marc studied painting for a semester abroad in Florence, Italy. Marc’s experience in Italy had monumental influence on his work. Although the paintings echo and reflect his life experiences and even his mood, the paintings are a world onto themselves.
The progression of the work in this show is held together by the genre of landscape. The landscapes reflect the fusion of the emotion and the external reality of a moment in life. As such, they are a landscape of the mind; a clearing of the path that leads the body home. A memory in the mind has both the specificity and vagueness of a moment in time. The landscape exists because of what does not exist and is a nostalgic allegory of the origin. We disclose and we conceal what is hidden and unhidden of our origin. An origin that does not exist is forever lost in the visible.

Presenter Profile: Toni Henneman

Zentangle - The Fine Art of “doodling”
“Well, I guess you would call me... genus, humanus...” Alice a.k.a. Toni Henneman Artist in Wonderland.  I’m a great talker, I LOVE to talk… just not about myself.  SO, here are just the facts:

The Relevant Stuff –
My name is Toni Henneman. I am a Certified Zentangle Teacher trained by Rick Roberts and Marie Thomas, founders of the Zentangle art form.  And I have been teaching it for almost a year. 

The Technical Stuff –
I am the Marketing Manager for Davis Publications. I passionately believe that everyone is an artist and that creativity is everyone’s birthright.

The Fun Stuff –
I have a wonderful husband and two amazing teenage boys. I am a watercolor artist with a degree in Graphic Design and Illustration. I’m a perfectionist, purple is my favorite color, I collect shoes, dishes and patterns.
The Presentation Stuff -
In terms of Zentangle, “Doodle” is a four letter word. Defined as, "the act of drawing something aimlessly or absent mindedly" doodling could not be further from Zentangle. If you look at any completed Zentangle you will see nothing but "deliberate strokes" purposefully executed to create a beautiful end product. It is also happens to be the perfect door for people that do not believe they have any artistic ability. As an artist and strong supporter of art education, I believe it is my responsibility to open that door to as many people as will listen and want to experience the benefits of creating. Educated, trained and working in the field, I am lucky enough to understand the benefits of having art in my life. Zentangle allows everyone - especially those untrained - to understand the benefits of having art in their lives as well. I'm just sharing the wealth!

Presenter Profile: Keenan Cassidy

Keenan Cassidy, the youngest speaker we've presented at Pecha Kucha Worcester, is a little more grown up than we are showing you here... but isn't he cute?

Although he is just starting his junior year in high school; Keenan Cassidy has already built a reputation as a very talented artist. He regularly shows his work in Worcester and in Boston and he's recently designed an album cover for Worcester band Hat On Drinking Wine.  Join us on Sept 26th to hear about his adventures as a young artist.

Presenter Profile: Heather Adels

Heather Adels grew up in the small farming town of Princeton, Massachusetts.  There, she wandered the acres, picked berries and raised chicks into hens.  Much of the artist’s imagery sprung from this early connection to the life cycle continuum.  The artist now resides in  Providence, Rhode Island where she continues to make art and also to pick berries whenever and wherever they are available.  

Heather’s creative works have been displayed at various galleries and juried shows throughout New England.  The artist’s recent publication in ArtScope as well as jurors selection for second in show display promise in the artist’s budding career.

The artist graduated with a BFA from Monsterrat College of Art in 1997.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Presenter Profile: Donna Dufault

Donna Dufault has over 20 years of experience working in the photography industry. She has worked at some of the best photographic printing labs in the country and worked with some of the top art photographers in the world. This experience coupled with years of gallery experience, running art marketing groups and co-coordinating photo workshops has given her a unique perspective into the fine art photography world. The last 4 years she has been working side by side with her husband in his commercial advertising photography business, Erb Photography. And is a founding member of the Worcester Photography Center.

For PechaKucha Night Donna will be presenting a personal project: Photography as a Healing Art

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Announcing PK VOL 6

September 26, 2010
at the Hanover Theatre
rsvp today at:

Sponsored in part by ARTSWorcester and the Hanover Theatre
Created and shared by Klein Dytham Architecture

PechaKucha Night FAQ # 9 of 20

09. What makes a good PechaKucha?
Good PechaKucha presentation are the ones that uncover the unexpected, unexpected talent, unexpected ideas. Some PechaKuchas tell great stories about a project or a trip. Some are incredibly personal, some are incredibly funny, but all are very different making each PechaKucha Night like 'a box of chocolates'.