Thursday, September 9, 2010

Presenter Profile: Toni Henneman

Zentangle - The Fine Art of “doodling”
“Well, I guess you would call me... genus, humanus...” Alice a.k.a. Toni Henneman Artist in Wonderland.  I’m a great talker, I LOVE to talk… just not about myself.  SO, here are just the facts:

The Relevant Stuff –
My name is Toni Henneman. I am a Certified Zentangle Teacher trained by Rick Roberts and Marie Thomas, founders of the Zentangle art form.  And I have been teaching it for almost a year. 

The Technical Stuff –
I am the Marketing Manager for Davis Publications. I passionately believe that everyone is an artist and that creativity is everyone’s birthright.

The Fun Stuff –
I have a wonderful husband and two amazing teenage boys. I am a watercolor artist with a degree in Graphic Design and Illustration. I’m a perfectionist, purple is my favorite color, I collect shoes, dishes and patterns.
The Presentation Stuff -
In terms of Zentangle, “Doodle” is a four letter word. Defined as, "the act of drawing something aimlessly or absent mindedly" doodling could not be further from Zentangle. If you look at any completed Zentangle you will see nothing but "deliberate strokes" purposefully executed to create a beautiful end product. It is also happens to be the perfect door for people that do not believe they have any artistic ability. As an artist and strong supporter of art education, I believe it is my responsibility to open that door to as many people as will listen and want to experience the benefits of creating. Educated, trained and working in the field, I am lucky enough to understand the benefits of having art in my life. Zentangle allows everyone - especially those untrained - to understand the benefits of having art in their lives as well. I'm just sharing the wealth!

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