Monday, February 15, 2010

Vol 4 Presenter Profile: Helen Beaumont

Helen Beaumont
From farming to fashion- How does one visit to an art museum for a child transform their life?
ARTS: the nectar of our community- how it brings our city to life connecting us to each other.


Helen Sheldon Beaumont lives her life at the intersection of art and commerce. She has spent her 18-year career with the Estee Lauder Companies Inc. blending marketing and successful business development with make-up artistry. Ms. Beaumont is the chair of the Worcester Cultural Commission, a volunteer body dedicated to promoting the cultural affairs of the City of Worcester and allocating hundreds of thousand of dollars in state grants to meet the cultural needs of the city and its community.
Ms. Beaumont was born in Vermont and raised on a farm in rural Ohio, where she began singing in barns and churches at age 5. Brought back to New England a decade ago by her career, she settled in Worcester and quickly became enmeshed in the cultural life of the city. She can be heard performing around New England with the traditional ska band Guns of Navarone and also spreading her beloved gospel-influenced country music to the area by sitting in with other bands.

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