Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Presenter Profiles: Karl Connolly and Nicole Connolly

Introducing Karl and Nicole Connolly, presenters for Pecha Kucha Worcester Vol. 3. Nicole loves to inspire people to travel to new places around the world and Karl wants to make you dance!

Karl Connolly "I was born and raised in Ireland and in 1991 after attending one of the first Rave parties in Dublin I became hooked on electronic music.
The then emerging Rave scene was new, fresh, exciting, and the DJs were suddenly being cast in a new light – they were rapidly becoming the new stars.
I was amazed at the way the DJ was controlling the entire room, and the music had a grip on every clubber in the place."
Karl Connolly will be presenting on the history of club DJ'ing as well as the process of mixing music live. ALSO he will be performing for the event! So if you love to dance you don't want to miss 3 Live Dj sets by DJ Karleboy at 7:20, 9 and 10 pm. Lights and sound provided by Funzalo Light and Sound

Nicole Connolly:
Featuring images from 2009 trips to Iceland, Copenhagen, Hamburg, Berlin, Dresden and Heidelberg. Nicole will share her excitement for travel photography, how to she prepares for the trips and some funny stories that happen along the way.

Nicole was born and raised in a small town close to Stuttgart, Germany. As a child she spent her summers in Hungary visiting her grandmother where life on a small farm and the natural beauty of her surroundings left a big impression on her.
"I believe in taking images which use basic colors, natural light, clean lines and simple forms. To achieve a focused and pure picture I like to get very close to my subject and capture the moment when the elements come together in perfect harmony."

"I try to remind myself how important it is not to lose that little bit of a child in me, and look at the world in that curious, innocent and playful manner. I try to incorporate those characteristics into my work."

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