Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Presenter Profile: Michael Born

Special guest speaker from Pecha Kucha Boston #10: Architectural Illustrator Michael Born.

Remember when you used to have fun drawing as a kid? How did everything get so technical?  In his work as an architectural illustrator, Michael Born has worked in many different styles.  Along the way he has learned that the real goal of illustration is communication.  Even the simplest of drawings can spark emotion and engagement in a client or audience.

Michael sparks that emotional connection in a way that photorealism cannot, by melding classic rendering artistry with cutting edge tools including Sketchup, Photoshop and Wacom pen tablets.

He will be presenting on the compelling uses for these techniques, including such surprising applications as an intriguing virtual walking tour of Beacon Hill based on an 1849 murder mystery.

You can follow Michael Born on Twitter and see more of his work here:|_Home.html

Michael Born speaking at Pecha Kucha Boston Vol. 10

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