Thursday, March 11, 2010

Follow up on Global Day for Haiti

Your help is making a differance! Thank you!

A Message from PK HQ:
So we have raised enough money for Architecture for Humanity to build a school in Haiti!


On the 20th February 2010, the 7th anniversary of PechaKucha Night, 117 cities came together on a single day and held events across the globe to support Architecture for Humanity's plans for rebuilding in Haiti. Other PechaKucha events for Haiti during February took this total to 174, and with cities still holding PKN events for Haiti in March this total will top 200.

Today - 20 days later - it gives us great pride in announcing that the PechaKucha global network of cities, organizers, presenters and fans has raised over $60,000 which allows Architecture For Humanity to build the first PechaKucha School in Haiti.

This just in from Cameron Sinclair:

Our team arrived in Haiti last week, and we will know more about specific costs in the next few weeks. Our preliminary estimates for school costs are:

Basic Costs
Main Teaching Blocks (3) $30,000
Toilet Block (1) $5,000
Cafeteria $15,000
Teachers Room $5,000
Landscaping/Reforestation $5,000

Total: $60,000

We will know more about volunteer needs also in the next few weeks but probably won't have volunteers there until the summer or later, so we will keep you posted on this.

Really looking forward to seeing all the 100's of presentations online in the next few weeks. Good luck with the uploading!

Thank you for organizing such an amazing event!

Cameron Sinclair
Architecture for Humanity

PechaKucha Night for Haiti - the world's biggest distributed conference.

With over 200 PechaKucha events taking place for the rebuilding of Haiti in February and March we have generated well over 1000 presentations which we will be putting online in the next few weeks. In doing this, we are being told that PechaKucha Night for Haiti has become the world's biggest single distributed conference to date - and no one flew anywhere, no cars were rented and no silly shampoo bottles were used!

The first 30 presentations are already online and we have some really amazing content.

The PechaKucha Presentations for Haiti will build here:

New presentations will be added daily, and you can donate to any of the presentations. You can optionally leave your name, so show your personal support for the presentations you like. Why not have a glass of water and watch a presentation and donate the cost of your coffee to building our 2nd school!

Some presentations are about Haiti pre and post earthquake, some about earthquake response, some about tsunami response, some are about rebuilding, some about why not to send tents to disaster areas. Some presentations do not relate to Haiti directly, but are about passions, obsessions, love and hates - but all the presentations were given to support the rebuilding in Haiti.

Please look at the presentations and give generously and please send the presentations you like to your friends and encourage them to donate too. Please use the '< >' tag to embed them into your blogs and web pages! If every presentation viewed generated a few dollars we would soon be looking at several new schools!

Just to help you get started viewing the PechaKucha for Haiti Distributed Conference Archive, here's 20 presentations to get you going!

Cameron Sinclair
Architecture For Humanity Rebuilding Haiti

Amanda Roelle
Rebuilding after the 2004 tsunami
PechaKucha CHICAGO

Mark Taylor
Building in Haiti

Nadia Lemoine Andre
Haiti - The Pearl of the Antillies
PechaKucha CHICAGO

GEA-SAR arrived in Port Au Prince-Haiti, from Turkey 57 hours after the Haiti Eartquake.

Johan Karlsson
No tents please we are Swedish

David Wimmer
Rebuilding after the Samoan tsunami
PechaKucha RAGLAN

Vaishali Katyarmal
Crumbles Hopes - after the Gujarat earthquake, Western India, 2001
PechaKucha CHICAGO

Scott Thomas
Designing Obama

Nicolas Uribe (in Spanish)
''better than Picasso''
PechaKucha BOGOTA

Noriyuki Shiina (in Japanese)
Japan Platform in Haiti
PechaKucha TOKYO

John Manoochehri
Unmake Me Whole - How do we unmake the world around us?

Brian LeBarton & Francesco Valentino
PechaKucha TOKYO

Katherine Darnstadt
Design Like You Give a Damn
PechaKucha CHICAGO

Filipe Balestra
Acupuncture architecture & urban village

Melissa Withers
A New Paradigm for Civic Engagement

Anders Wilhelmson
PeePoo - a single use toilet that weighs only 40 grams

Peter Exley
Leeds, Leeds, Leeds, Cheap Trick, Leeds
PechaKucha CHICAGO

Anna Maria Orru
In praise of the Namibian fog basking beetle

Astrid Klein & Mark Dytham
Global PechaKucha Night for Haiti - THANK YOU
PechaKucha TOKYO

All PechaKucha Haiti presentations can be found here

All PechaKucha presentations

Please check back daily for new presentations and sign up for to twitter for up to the minute presentation postings!



Thank you all so much - Haiti loves you!

Astrid Klein, Mark Dytham & the PechaKucha Global Team in Tokyo

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