Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Presenter Profiles: Jeff Baker, Keith Cross, Michael Gennert

Tech Head, Letterpress, Robots

Pecha Kucha Night is excited to introduce you to three more presenters!

Jeff Baker- Photographer
Keith Cross- Designer
Michael Gennert- Robotics

Join us to hear what all 8 of our presenters have to share!
Sept 13th 2009 doors open at 7:20 for mingling - hors d'oeuvres compliments of 55 Pearl - Cash Bar - presentations start at 8:20.
55 Pearl Street Worcester Ma

Jeff Baker has been running Visions by Baker since 1993. He describes himself as a photographer of people and the life events we share and has traveled across the globe, from Las Vegas to Ohio and to Japan to capture these life events. He's a multi-award winning and nationally certified photographer.

He tells me that he has had a creative heart since he was a child and goes on to say...

"My Grandfather gave me my first camera when I was about 10 years old. Professional training may teach how to use a camera, but his guiding eye helped me learn to see. Photography gives me balance between the logical and the creative, the left brain and the right brain. My Grandfather's guiding eye, together with today's photographic tools, provide the combination that allows me to focus on my art, my vision, of people around me."

Jeffery A. Baker Sr., CPP.
Visions by Baker Photography, LLC.

Keith Cross
is keeping Letterpress Alive

Check out this video on Letterpress Video Credit goes to Boaz Sender

"Letterpress has seen a tremendous surge in popularity and interest over the past ten to fifteen years. The subtle yet seductive bite of letterpress thrills and delights designers and typophiles who crave tactile experiences in their RGB lives. Once considered by some a "hobby" or an "obsolete" printing technology, letterpress printing is now a "niche market" for those catering to well-trained eyes and, often, well-heeled clients. I most value letterpress as a teaching tool, albeit a very cumbersome one. In my letterpress classes at the Massachusetts College of Art I teach a new generation of design students the origins of their craft, help them visualize their designs in new (well, old) ways and afford them the patience to consider the possibilities." Keith Cross

Keith Cross is a designer, letterpress printer, educator and head honcho at Milk Row Studio,a creative branding and design operation in Worcester. Keith studied graphic design and printmaking and at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design.
Milk Row Press, now Milk Row Studio, was named after the Milk Row Cemetery in Somerville, MA. These days, Keith is keeping the tradition of letterpress ALIVE by teaching letterpress classes at his alma mater's MassArt Press. He is a member and former President of The Letterpress Guild of New England and a member of the Society of Printers.

Mike Gennert is Department Head of the Computer Science Department and co-founder and Director of the Robotics Engineering Program at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. His research includes Robotics, Computer Vision, Image Processing, Artificial Intelligence, Scientific Databases, and Programming Languages. He owns 8 M.C. Escher ties, a cat, and a robot.

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