Thursday, January 21, 2010

Presenter Profile: Matthew Trimble and Garett Hwang

Presenters Matt Trimble and Garett Hwang:
These designers extraordinaire that hail from MIT's School of Architecture and Planning, aim to take ideas and see them into "progressively more realized forms". Working together with their diverse backgrounds they come up with some fascinatingly intricate products like this lamp:

For Pecha Kucha Night, Garett and Matt will be presenting some of their recent work, focusing on projects that have elicited the development of products. Taking cues from their emergent language and process of making, the design of each product interweaves the framework of established precedents with exploratory methods evoked from the use of CNC prototyping. machines, traditional wood shop tools, and hand-made models.

Matt Trimble and Garett Hwang are the principals of Radlab, Inc, a multidisciplinary design and fabrication consulting firm located in Boston, MA.  The scope of Radlab's work includes architecture, design computing, digital fabrication, and product development. These areas are viewed as uniquely distinguishable, and yet distinctly complimentary. At Radlab, opportunities for exercising disciplinary combination's are always on the agenda.

Garett and Matt met in 2004 as graduate students at MIT's School of Architecture and Planning, where among other things, they pursued their mutual interest in computational design and rapid prototyping. Their unique backgrounds serve to promote a rich culture of experimentation, with work experience between them that spans from Ai Wei Wei's FAKE Design in Beijing to Neil M. Denari Architects in Los Angeles.

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